We Specialize In High-End Enclosed Transport

& Dealer to Dealer Transfers 

White Glove Service

Whether your shipping a Hot Rod to a car show, a fleet of Bentley's to a dealership or a Radical race car to a race weekend, Eagle Auto Relocation will ensure your vehicle is treated with the white glove service it deserves. Our enclosed transporters use nylon straps instead of chains to prevent dents and scratches, a detailed inspection is performed both before and after the vehicle has been shipped, and of course all of our enclosed carriers are professional, licensed and properly insured.

Dealer Services

We work closely with large dealerships and auto locators all over the country, we understand how important a good transport broker can be to the success of your business. Its your passion to sell inventory, its our passion to see that its transported properly. If your tired of being taken away from sales to deal with freight issues, give us a call today to experience the difference.     


  • Our quotes are priced to ship within 1- 5 days.

  • We verify all loads are paid for and ready for transport before sending a carrier.

  • A detailed inspection is performed at both pickup & delivery and left for your records.

  • And of course we’ll keep you updated through out the entire transport process.

Radical Race Car Services

Eagle Auto Relocation is proud to be the official logistics partner of Radical Texas. We understand there is a lot that goes into the planning and preparation of a big race weekend, so why not let us focus on the logistics so you can focus on the race ahead.  

All Radical transport quotes include:  

  • Enclosed round trip shipping.

  • 1 spare set of rims & tires.

  • 1 gear bag to be stored in the cock pit of each Radical.

Safety is our number one priority which is why we verify that all insurance and transport documents are

valid and up to date before contracting any trucking company. We only use large enclosed carriers with lift gate

trailers to ensure all vehicles are loaded with no issues. We understand a Radical is not your normal vehicle and it should be treated as such. 


For more information on Radical Cup race dates please visit: www.Radical-Texas.com

Residential Services

Even though we specialize in dealer-to-dealer transfers and high-end enclosed transport, we have a department dedicated to residential shipments. If you're moving across country, relocating for work or school or just need to transport your car to your vacation home, we would love to help.

  • Our no hidden fees & up front pricing is what sets us aside from all the rest.

  • Our quotes are priced to ship your vehicle within 7 days.

  • Completely insured.

  • No upfront deposit required.

A lot of brokers will try a “bait and switch” by offering a low price to earn your business and collect a deposit, but by the time your vehicle is scheduled you either end up paying an extra $200 or they’ll try and charge you a “Fuel Tax” before releasing your vehicle. Give us a call today to experience the difference.